Chicken Sausage with White Beans, Kale, and Lemon

by ck


This meal is fast, satisfying, and virtuous, which makes it an instant winner in my book.  Found here and adapted only slightly.

Add 3 tbsp olive oil to a heavy bottomed skillet and heat until oil is shimmery (medium-high works best for this, I’ve found.) Reduce heat to low.  Add sliced sausage rounds and cook on each side for 10 min.  After sausage cooks through, bring the heat up to medium high and brown on each side for 2 min until crispy and dark.  (I used raw sausage, so the additional cook time was necessary. If you’re short on time, use cooked sausage, skip the 10 minute cook, and brown over high heat for 4-5 min to add a little extra flavor.) Remove from pan. (I added a little water here to deglaze the skillet, as I found that the browned bits on the bottom were getting a little too dark for my taste– but this may have been unnecessary, as you’ll see below!) Add diced carrots, onion, and celery (the mirepoix from trader joe’s is a great timesaver if you’re lucky enough to live near a store.) Add 2 sliced garlic cloves.  Add a couple of bay leaves if you have them (I got lucky.)

Drain one can of cannellini beans. I like to rinse them as well in order to get rid of some extra sodium. Add beans to skillet, then juice half of a lemon and add it in, trying to hit the bottom of the pan. This will lift the browned bits off the bottom, adding flavor and saving you the effort of scrubbing it out! The first time I made The Amateur Gourmet’s recipe, I used an entire lemon but found that the finished product was a little too acidic for my taste. I LOVE lemon juice and am constantly looking for an excuse to use it in recipes, so if it was too much for me, it might be too much for you.

Add a few big handfuls of kale (more than you think you’ll need), cover, and let the kale wilt. Grind some pepper, add a little extra lemon, and you’re ready to go!