On the hunt

by ck

(photo from this recipe)

I’m on the hunt for a lighter lemon square recipe. Lemon bar? I’ve always known them as lemon squares. Anyway, I am not one of those lucky people who can exercise enough self control to eat only ONE serving of something delicious (I mean, I made them! Doesn’t that entitle me to at least two?) so lately I’ve been experimenting with desserts that include a wholesome element like whole grains or healthy fats (olive oil, I’m looking at you.) I auditioned a recipe for ‘healthy lemon squares!’ this weekend and it was a rubbery disaster.  Gluten-free/dairy-free/no sugar/no eggs desserts are not my cup of tea unless I’m baking for someone with an allergy, and oftentimes ‘healthier’ recipes go whole-hog and decide to do away with all the good stuff.

I will report back once I adapt a recipe to my liking.

A few potentials to try this week:

http://www.texanerin.com/2013/10/healthier-lemon-bars.html (almond flour)
http://www.kimshealthyeats.com/paleo-lemon-bars/ (honey in the filling.)