Smitten Kitchen’s One-Pan Farro with Tomatoes

by ck



I’ve cooked a lot of farro in the last two months.  After a few too many chicken dishes this winter (pan-roasted chicken thighs with mushrooms, pan-roasted chicken thighs with tomatoes, chicken marsala, one-pan chicken and rice, baked drumsticks…), I decided that I was going to cut my meat consumption in half.  After a few pitiful plates of roasted veggies and banal, basic salads–I really was an amateur–I realized that I needed to get creative with my protein sources.

This dish has been in my rotation since Deb first posted it last July.  Its ingredients have made their way onto my shopping list with increasing regularity this spring, perhaps because its main component has such a meaty, chewy texture. The farro has the consistency of perfectly al dente pasta, but the extra hit of fiber makes it a more ‘whole’-some choice (get it? Whole grains?)

Deb’s recipe is perfect, so I’m just going to send you over there. I generally follow her recipe without making any changes.  I do occasionally add roasted eggplant to the finished product, but only when I’m feeling fancy.