The Nibble pan, for nibblers

by ck


Yes!! What an excellent idea. I love this. I need this. I once brought a cake to a party (my friend’s father’s birthday, an occasion I was flattered to be a part of in the first place) but as soon as the cake was cut and everyone took a bite I knew that something had gone terribly, horribly wrong. It turns out I’d misread the recipe and added 2 TBSP baking soda (come on, common sense should’ve caught that one, so there’s no excuse!) They were good sports about it, but I endured a lot of comments like “no really, it tastes fine!” as they suffered through the metallic taste and chalky texture. In addition to the 8″ cake, the ‘Nibble’ pan bakes a tiny cupcake in a silicone cup so the baker can taste their creation before serving it to a group.  The pan would also keep me from skimming thin slices of cake off the top, a bad habit that means either a) the cake is lopsided or b) half the guests get an extra centimeter of frosting on their slice.


My friend forgave me, by the way. Luckily I’d brought along a couple pints of fresh strawberries, an impossible-to-ruin dessert.

(It’s a pity, too, because that cake– the chestnut cake from Silver Palate minus chestnuts, plus more wine–is my favorite, and I request it for my own birthday every year.)