Food52’s Yogurt Bread with Molasses

by ck


This recipe nearly snuck by me, but luckily a friend’s mother sent it back my way. Food52’s recipe yields a hearty, flavorful loaf that adapts well to sweet or savory toppings and is easily customizable. It is a true quick bread, meaning unlike banana bread or orange-pecan breads, which adopt the title so lightly, it isn’t overly sweet and there isn’t (gasp!) a stick or two of butter involved. If you like boston brown bread, you’ll like this: think of this loaf as its more serious cousin. 

I haven’t made it recently, but I’m leaving the recipe here so I remember how great it is. This is definitely one of those undertakings that requires minimal effort but yields a wonderful result.

I like it toasted with butter and honey (unsurprising, that’s how I take all my bread products), my dad ate it with peanut butter and marmalade, and my mom devoured slices smothered with cream cheese.

Recipe (and more photos) on Food52.