by ck


A lot of things are in motion at the moment, and it can be tough to stay grounded when changes buffet you around and knock you off your feet. For me, it’s important to remember the moments that I relish during my day: the seemingly insignificant rituals that keep me happy. Eating breakfast alone– that’s one. Reading on top of the covers before bed– that’s another. And more sporadic moments, too, like zucchini bread in the afternoon in the midst of a summer storm. A friend told me recently that she loves taking long walks alone. Another loves showering by herself in the morning. Still another likes buying flowers and arranging them. I love opening a fresh new book on a cool afternoon, running alone in the evenings (not too far, of course), and reading magazines in a favorite cafe with two shots of espresso over ice. I also like sitting alone and hammering out pieces of silver for jewelry.

photo from local milk, a wonderful collection of recipes and photographs.