wonderful recipe of the week: October 6th

by ck


There’s an incredibly good bakery in Cambridge (and Brookline, but I frequent the Cambridge location most often) called Tatte. Tatte (rhymes with latté) makes these buttery, crunchy, just-savory-enough-but-still-sweet nut boxes that I can never pass up. (They make excellent host/hostess gifts, by the way.)

I’ve been thinking about attempting to replicate them for a while now. This week, I came across Bake or Break’s recipe for Maple Nut Bars. The recipe is significant for me mainly because of the filling; I have a good shortbread recipe that I think will mimic the crust of Tatte’s nut boxes nicely.

I think these treats would also look very pretty baked into a round tart pan.  A different kind of pecan pie!