by ck


When work is as hectic as it’s been lately, I like to take a low-maintenance approach to everything else in my life. Case in point: my (new, female!) roommate and I spent about 15 seconds brainstorming and 2 minutes throwing a bunch of ingredients together in a mixing bowl last night. The result was a surprisingly coherent, chewy, hearty batch of cookies. Here’s what we jumbled together:

– 2 bananas, mashed (we debated using pumpkin, but my bananas were toeing the line between perfectly old and appallingly squishy.)
– maybe a cup of oats
– some (“some” is the only applicable qualifier here) almond flour
– some oat flour
– some peanut butter
– some flax seeds
– a LOT of chocolate chunks
– a handful of pecans

Basically we aimed to have an equal ration of dry to wet–too much banana, and they’d be too dense; too much flour or too many oats, and they’d slip over into dry, crumbly territory. Not my jam.

I dig this type of baking. It might not be the best for something like pie crust, celebration cakes, or popovers, but for a Wednesday night it worked just fine.

(photo of banana-coconut cookies from A Sweet Spoonful, because I’ve been meaning to try them for a while.)