Serious Eats

by ck


Do you know about Serious Eats?  Their articles are always snappy, fun to read, and informative. Case in point: this guide to roasting winter vegetables. I think I forwarded it to half of my email contacts (sorry guys) because it’s so damn useful! Parboiling was always a mystery to me (why would you add an extra step? I don’t care if they take longer in the oven) but the author convinced me to try it with sweet potatoes, and boy does it work.

Serious Eats used to have an awesome subsection for Boston filled with restaurant reviews, cheap food roundups, dish and pastry highlights…it was great. You can still find the articles if you search ‘Boston.’ Here are a few of my favorites: 1. 2. 3. plus articles on Bagelsaurus (!!) and Flour.

P.S. two other great recipes from the site: northern-style cornbread and pan-roasted chicken with veggies.

Photo from this article