wonderful recipe of the week- november 11

by ck


Dark and Spicy Pumpkin Loaf. What a wonderful description! It sounds exactly like what I want to eat in the late afternoon with my cup of coffee. The most delicious, most wonderful quick bread of all time (whoa, hyperbole, like I could ever decide) is a gingerbread loaf that my mom makes: it has so much molasses in it that it comes out of the oven black, shiny, and so sticky that it clings stubbornly to the knife when you try to dole it out. As such, we’ve come to call it ‘sticky gingerbread.’ Anyway, tangent. The bread that Megan makes here is actually a recipe from Alice Medrich’s Flavor Flours (even more reason to make it), and I dig the addition of buckwheat flour. I’ll probably sub something for the white rice flour, but apart from that…dark pumpkin? Spicy pumpkin? Sold.